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Thank You for visiting the Trinity Bible Church Prayer Page.  

The prayers listed here are current prayer requests from the body of believers at TBC,

please be mindful of privacy for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you have a prayer or praise to add to the page please use the button below.  

Please state if you would like the Pastor or an Elder to reach out to you in your request.

Prayers and Praises for the month of April 2024

Deanna Sawyer

There is an FCS 5th grader named Ava who has leukemia. Please pray for her and her family as they face this difficult trial.

Tylor & Alex Underwood

Please pray for Baby Underwood, due August 13, 2024.  Please pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Jenny Steele

Please pray for Jenny as there appears there is GVHD presenting itself in her colon; however, it is a praise that her bone marrow biopsy is showing healthy marrow and cell production.  Please pray the doctors have the wisdom to know what direction to take Jenny’s treatment.  Additionally, pray for healing of her colon, joint pain, and headaches and no major side effects of new medication

Susie Johnson

Please continue to pray for Susie as she goes through her second round of chemo.

Richrd Dempsey

Please continue to pray for Richard that his cancer treatment would be effective.

Yvette (Spencer’s cousin)

Thank you for your prayers for Yvette’s strength, peace and healing as she continues periodic cancer treatment and tests.

Aaron (Yvette’s son)

Thank you for your continued prayers for Aaron’s health and development.

The Connolly Family

Please pray that the family has a smooth transition to Michigan and for housing needs to be resolved.









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