Join Us Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am

Join Us Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am

A Traditional Communion Service is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month

Sunday Mornings 9:15 am

Sunday Mornings 9:15 am

Sunday Evenings 5:00 pm

Sunday Evenings 5:00 pm

Sunday Evenings 5:30 pm

Sunday Evenings 5:30 pm

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Men's Breakfast & Bible Study

The purpose of the Trinity Bible Church Men's Ministry is to assist and encourage godly relationships with other men through discipleship and strengthening in and through the Word of God

under the authority of the Elder Board.

Men's Breakfast & Bible Study Group

Men's Breakfast & Bible Study Group meet at the church on the second Saturday of every month at  8:30 am for a time of study in God's Word, a time of fellowship and breakfast provided by the Women's Ministry.

All men are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Please call the office for more information

Featured Book: 
"Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer" by J. Oswald Sanders
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August 21
First meeting: Intro

For September: Read Chapters 1-3

Reflection questions:
1. How would you illustrate the differences between self-centered
    and God-centered ambition in your own life?

2.  Who has been your most influential example of godly leadership?

3.  What are some areas of honorable/holy ambition in your life?

4.  God took 80 years to prepare Moses for his leadership task.  In what ways has God been preparing you?

5.  As you begin this study, what do you understand as the primary qualifying traits of godly leadership?

6.  How are you affected by the closing warning of chapter 2?

7.  How can you tell when you are being a servant?

8.  What examples would you use to explain the sovereignty and suffering principles of spiritual leadership to someone?

9.  Isaiah 42 includes six characteristics of God's special servant, Jesus.  Which one do you find the greatest challenge as you exercise leadership?