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Throughout the year questions will come up and as we come up with answers we'll post them here.  No doubt some of the same questions that one person has are probably on sombody else's mind as well!

1)  When do you meet for your AWANA clubs?

All of our standard club meeting times are Sunday from 5:00 - 7:00 PM.  Throughout the region you will have various AWANA clubs meeting at different times throughout the week.  We have been having our clubs on Sunday night for many years and it seems to work out well for the kids.  It also allows parents and leaders to get involved.  Sometimes with the D.C. commute it wouldn't be possible for parents/leaders to be as involved as they can be on Sunday.

2)  What is AWANA?

The national AWANA site has spelled this out well that will probably answer this question:

3)  What clubs do you have in your AWANA program?

At TBC we currently have Cubbies,  Sparks, T&T, Trek and Journey 24-7. 

4)  Do you have to be a member to be involved as an adult?

We do not have a requirement that adults being involved in AWANA (assistant leaders, helpers, event teams, etc.) be members of Trinity Bible Church.  We do have the requirement that the director of each of the individual clubs (Sparks, T&T, Trek, Journey) be a member of Trinity Bible Church.  This ensures that each of the leaders falls under the oversight of the elders of our church body. 

There were many people with previous AWANA experience who may have a desire to serve. Those with an interest should talk to the individual club directors to get an idea of where the kids currently are and where there might be a need.   

5)  Are there any special events throughout the year? 

We have many special events through the year.  Below are just some of them. 

Fall Festival:  At the end of October we have a Fall Festival.  It is a carnival like fellowship time where we have games set up, food as well as fellowship.  The older clubs (Journey 24-7 and Trek) are responsible for arranging the food and games for the younger clubs.  It is a fun time for the clubbers and one that allows the kids to invite some of their friends and neighbors to participate as well.

Christmas:   We have a Christmas celebration each year.  It is a time to reflect on the centrality of Christ, share fellowship in the clubs as well as many of the clubs taking time to go caroling. 

Bible Quiz:  The clubs begin preparing for Bible Quiz early in the AWANA year and it's a great time to focus on God's Word and also the kids to learn scripture that will guide them for a lifetime.  We have our Bible Quiz for the younger clubs in February and the Trek/Journey clubs in March.  See the calendar for exact dates.

AWANA Games:  One things the clubbers have in common - they are ALWAYS on the move!  Just like the Bible Quiz, the Sparks and AWANA games allow the kids to prepare for the events as well as enjoy the fellowship along the way.  All the games for this year will be in March.

6)  How can we help with any of these events?

All of the events require some preparation work to get ready for them as well as help the day of the events.  Below are just some of the typical things that parents can help with:

a)  Goodies:  There will be sheets going home with the clubbers now and then that list food/supply needs that we might have for individual events.  Whether it be some cookies for the Christmas celebration or some small prize-type items for the Fall Festival, each of the families participating throughout the year is a definite blessing.  

b)  Time:  Preparation for the Bible Quiz and AWANA games takes many weeks.  Sometimes just having a location where quiz practice can take place or someone to listen to verses during club time can be key to helping out your club director.  When you get a chance, talk to your club director to see where they could use some assistance.

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